Preface: I started this blog on Wednesday… and now it’s Friday, and I’m just now posting this. I’m sorry, I’m lame. I swear to get my act in gear.


It always annoyed me in highschool to miss a day of school, because then you’re playing catch-up, and scrambling around for a few days trying to do so.

I feel similarly with this blog. I go outta town, and (BOOM!) it’s Wednesday.

It’s not that there hasn’t been plenty to update you on, because there certainly has been. But with Philadelphia, Valentine’s Day, and playing catch up, I’m just now getting back into some form of a groove. I have a TON of work to do today, so figured I should get this out now.



Britt and Jay are closer! I arrived mid-afternoon on Saturday and left Monday around 12:30. It was SO great to see them, in addition to two friends from college, Jordan and Kelly. Having them closer is AWESOME, and we had a lot of fun. Their apartment is SUPER nice (and SO BIG!), Britt is a phenomenal cook, and I ran up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art like Rocky. I’ll be back in May, but I sure hope time flies between now and then, because I could easily spend every weekend with them!


Valentine’s Day

I survived. I’m really not one of those negative people, but truly do get annoyed by all of the “I love my boyfriend” or “I hate being single” posts you see leading up to the holiday. Also, I’d advise not spending eight hours on a train that day, either. Talk about BORING. Regardless, Britt made me an amazing little treat bag, Kelly and I got coffee together, my parents sent me a Valentine, and (albeit a day late) G sent not one… but TWO… boxes of Sarris’ chocolate for me to devour. Now, onto St. Patty’s!


Little Sister!

On Monday, while still in Philly, I finally heard from Laurie at Big Brothers Big Sisters. In last week’s post, I mentioned that they had a Little in mind for me, and heard on Monday that they were available TUESDAY (which is now yesterday) to meet me! (Sidenote: I’ll call her B in my posts, just to give her a bit of anonymity… and really probably shouldn’t post pictures, either.) B is six, with a little fireball of a three-year old sister, and an older brother who was matched last night, too. We met each other, learned about each other, and made plans to go skating and to Spaghetti Warehouse on Saturday. I’m so excited!!! More than that in an upcoming post.

In news related to Big Brothers Big Sisters, I’ve FINALLY signed up a team for Bowl 4 Kids Sake, where I’m (as usual) raising funds for BBBS. Next month, my team and I will get together and spend a few hours bowling. I don’t think there is any further competition to this, but always a fun time, and I get a tee-shirt! Thank you, philanthropic acts for greatly increasing my gym shirt options!


50 Finest

I got my paperwork in the mail on Monday, and log-in information to set up my fundraising website this week! Yesterday, Jessica sent me some more information, and HOPEFULLY by the time all of the “50 Finest” meet, I can already have some donations. Of course that means that I, personally, have some work to do. This weekend, maybe… soon, definitely. I’ll find the time 🙂 I need to start living off of a “Things you really should be doing while you’re sitting on the couch” list. Apparently the link to my page doesn’t work yet… but when you CAN donate, you can will be able to do so on the following link:


My weekend

Never a dull moment, I have the feeling that this is just the start to a busy next few months. I’ll be attending History Uncorked at the Heinz History Center tonight. DiAnna and her husband, Tim, will be there, in addition to a few other people I know, but will also be a nice evening. Saturday, I have to wake up early enough to get my day started and on a roll, because I pick up B at 2, and we’ll be together until after dinner. Immediately following that, I’m headed to DiAnna’s in Murrysville (outside of the city) for a jewelry party. I’m looking forward to rounding out Sunday with some quality time with Kate during the day, and maybe some dinner and QT with Meghann and Curtis in the evening. Whewwww! The weekend’s going to fly!



Have you seen any commercials for Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips? I tried them out yesterday, and have GOT to say that I’m going to be hooked. They take a little bit of time to put on (maybe 20 minutes or so?) but no dry time, say they could stay up to 10 days (regular nail polish on my nails tends to stay about… 24 hours… and is so much fun! I just have pink with sparkles, BUT am going to do something wild and crazy next.



I think that’s all for now. I also realize I owe just shy of a bagillion “30 days” posts, but I’m telling you, this game of catch up! Geeeesh!

All for now. xo AP


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